Oil & Gas

Tapping into new reserves with minimum risk  

From the Alaskan plains and the African desert to on-shore refining facilities and off-shore drilling rigs, ERM is involved in some of the world’s most exciting and exacting oil and gas projects.

We have been helping operators safely exploit reserves while complying to legislation, social license to operate and preserving the environment for more than 40 years. The oil and gas sector remains at the core of our business.

As the oil and gas industry has evolved, so too have our services. The search for unconventional resources; the use of new extraction techniques; the investment in renewables; the emergence of stricter safety controls: all these factors are redefining the oil and gas industry. ERM is part of this transformation – and you could be too. 

Our oil and gas clients draw on every ERM practice as well as our global resources to help minimize the impact on the planet and its people. Our holistic services and extensive expertise enables operators to:

  • Mitigate major accident risks and develop emergency response plans;
  • Explore and extract resources in sensitive and highly populated areas;
  • Remediate and divest downstream facilities; and
  • Meet their regulatory and ethical obligations.

Working with our clients in this sector, you will be helping them to adjust to its new operating environment and maximize the potential available to them.