I have a broad background in environmental science, but it’s out in the field where my greatest passion lies. I’ve been working on complex conservation projects and wildlife surveys for many years, protecting threatened and endangered species, from tortoises to butterflies, from Ecuador to Oklahoma!

Since joining ERM, I’ve had every chance to excel in my career. There’s a real diversity of work on offer – they don’t pigeonhole you into doing work you don’t want to do. I’ve had a lot of training and encouragement, helping me climb the ladder and develop my expertise.

I set myself the challenging goals of becoming both a federally permitted bat biologist and a certified wildlife biologist. I worked hard at it every day. Then, in 2017, my application for the federal permit was accepted and, in 2019, I received the wildlife society’s certification. In several states across America, I’m a Qualified Bat Surveyor with the permits to conduct the pre-construction biological surveys that make such a big difference – both for our clients and for the bats.

The bat world is quite small, so it’s a privilege to be recognised as an expert. I see it as my role today to help the next in line be the best consultants or biologists they can be too, by supporting their certifications and teaching them everything I can.

It’s been a long road to get where I am now and I know there’s a long road ahead too, to continue to develop as a project manager and to achieve the career I want. But I think everyone here at ERM, has the personality and capability to succeed. Nobody is going to hold your hand and you need to go above and beyond. But you’re surrounded by experts you can learn from and lean on. And, with ERM, if you put passion into everything you do, it will be noticed and you will progress.

Quotation mark Hiking in the mountains and experiencing nature is my hobby, but it’s also my job – representing ERM wherever I go, talking to people about bats and working to help our clients leave a positive imprint on the planet. I love what I do! Quotation mark

Zoe Bryant

Biological Field Services, Tampa