Having been an Environmental Engineer for more than a decade, I’d heard about ERM – of course! But, beyond having a reputation as a global leader in sustainability, I didn’t know too much about the company. So, I did my research, had a good look into how they work and I really liked what I found. The culture really drew me in. This is a business that acts with integrity, genuinely working to do the right thing and backing up its commitments with actions. That really mattered to me – I wanted to be a part of a company like that.

I grew up in small mining communities: I know first-hand the challenges of mine closure and I’ve seen the impact it can have on the community and the landscape. I’ve always been passionate about the environment, so naturally went to study environmental engineering at university. But, when I graduated, mine closure wasn’t a priority. It’s taken time for the industry to develop – the challenges are huge. But that’s why I’m here. Working with some of the brightest minds, dealing with constantly evolving issues like on mine closure and rehabilitation, making a positive mark on the world: that’s what drives me.

I’ve been with the company for less than two years and, in that relatively short period, my role has grown already. I’ve been promoted to the head of my own team. This is a company full of leaders – technical experts in their fields and inspirational manager in waiting. And our team’s no different. It’s an amazing group of people. A big part of my role now is to be their mentor – nurturing the unique expertise that everyone brings. And I have that same support from others, with the chance to learn from and be challenged from those around me. It’s invigorating – I can’t recommend it enough.

This is a critical moment. The world is changing – reconsidering energy supply, harnessing emerging technology, pursuing sustainable development at a huge scale. Joining ERM means being part of a community that is both broad and tight knit: a massive, varied team of experts across lots of different fields, but one which is rooted in the same purpose and beliefs. Together, the work we do is full of complexity and it’s rarely easy. But I’m proud to be part of a company facing the challenges. It’s not only career defining for all of us in the company – what we do matters in the world.

Quotation mark It’s an amazing group of people. A big part of my role now is to be their mentor – nurturing the unique expertise that everyone brings. Quotation mark

Greg Ross

Principal Environmental Engineer & Team Leader, Brisbane