Moving job can be a big change in itself, with new colleagues, new challenges and new responsibilities. For Federico, joining ERM was transformative: not only part of a relocation to Spain from his native Italy, but a complete change in environment, from a local consulting firm to a world leader in sustainability. All in all, a move far beyond his comfort zone.

“I had decided to embrace a new professional challenge after moving to Madrid and ERM stood out to me – not only a chance to work on demanding Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) projects with some of the world’s biggest organizations, but a chance to be part of a diverse worldwide team brought together by shared values and purpose. It was just what I had been waiting for.”

Despite the challenges, it was a smooth transition. Thanks to the support of colleagues at every level, the kind of support that’s ingrained in the culture at ERM, he navigated his way through any early issues. “Right from the start, people devoted their personal time to guide me and encourage me. Every member of ERM dedicates themselves to giving their best, providing a continuous learning experience for both personal and professional growth. This didn’t just help me overcome any initial fears that I might fall short, but also played a big part in giving me the skills – both soft and technical – that I needed to succeed and develop.”

Judging from his progress in just a few years, that support had been powerful. Working on impactful, complex projects with influential clients, Federico has already made an impressive contribution in various sectors worldwide, establishing himself as subject matter expert. Along the way, he has grown – in confidence, in ability and, crucially, in responsibility. Having joined as an HSE consultant, he has since stepped up into a leadership role, supporting junior consultants in the Sustainable and Safe Operations team in ERM across Spain and Portugal.

“I believe that my "ikigai" – my true purpose – lies in sharing my knowledge. Just as my colleagues invested in my improvement and entrusted me with challenging projects, it’s my role to do the same for others joining the business today. Being part of that transformative journey is a great source of pride and motivation.”

Now, it’s clear that Federico is at home among all the remarkable professionals and inspiring individuals committed to shaping a sustainable future. But what does the next chapter hold for Federico? “There is a myriad of opportunities and career paths available across ERM. Making a choice about the future is a real challenge!”

Quotation mark For today, I’m focused on delivering the most value for our clients – providing the strategic advice and leading the projects that have such a profound and positive impact: doing what matters in the world. Quotation mark

Federico Uliana

Managing Technical Consultant, Madrid