Flexibility at work involves acknowledging that everyone has unique work styles and personal responsibilities. For some employees, this flexibility is absolutely crucial to manage their life outside of work effectively.

For example, our colleague Corrine Buckmaster, Managing Geophysical Consultant, appreciates the opportunity to work part-time and choose whether to work from home or the office, as it allows her to make the most out of her time.

What key skill is essential to a successful career in your field?

I think no matter what job you are doing, showing initiative is essential. You can’t sit back and wait for things to come to you. It can be hard to do so, especially in your early career, but it goes a long way. Training and development can be a really laborious process, both for the people learning and the people teaching, if either party isn’t engaged. Doing your own research and asking about the things that interest you, can help you steer your career and find out what you’re passionate about.

Which ERM belief resonates with you the most?

Expertise is our Superpower. We have so many experienced professionals with such great specialist knowledge. Clients might need help with project planning, consenting, surveying, assessing risks, and refining their plans. We have experts for every stage. When we work on a project, each section is undertaken by the best person for the job. When someone asks, “How can you know all of this?”, the answer is, “We’re consultants; we consult each other.” No one can have all the answers, but with a team like ours, the answer is usually only one call away.

How does ERM support you in your life outside of work?

My work with ERM is very flexible. I currently work part time in a hybrid setup. Being able to manage my hours and work locations allows me to make the most of my time. Which is doubly important when you have a young family to work around. As long as my team is kept informed, so they know when and where to find me! The benefits ERM offers help me with my ongoing health issues, but even something as simple as getting a flu jab every year gives you peace of mind.

Quotation mark Flexibility is doubly important when you have a young family to work around. If someone is unwell or something comes up, I can arrange my schedule to accommodate it. As long as my team is kept informed, they know when and where to find me! Quotation mark

Corrine Buckmaster

Managing Geophysical Consultant, Marine Capital Projects Delivery Team

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