Responding to and enabling change requires comprehensive learning and development at all levels of an organization.

New regulations, new management systems, new acquisitions, new incident management/avoidance processes: management of change impacts workplace culture, employee behavior, and environmental, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability outcomes.

Increased complexity both from an operational and regulatory perspective means every employee needs to be more accountable - and therefore more informed about EHS and sustainability issues. Successful learning and development programs need to encompass a range of physical and digital channels to ensure they resonate with today’s diverse workforce. However, defining and delivering outcome-focused programs across multiple teams, learning styles, and geographies can be challenging, costly and time-consuming.

Effective knowledge transfer for today’s workforce
ERM understands both the EHS and sustainability landscape and how to execute successful learning and development programs. We build tailored, cost-effective solutions that help improve behaviors, culture, and most importantly, performance.

Drawing on our extensive technical expertise and experience, we optimize EHS and sustainability knowledge transfer through:

  • Competency and training needs analysis - ensuring that resources are deployed where needed for maximum results;
  • Customized training curricula - to meet client, industry, team and organizational objectives;
  • Train-the-trainer programs - to provide an affordable and sustainable internal training solution; 
  • Accelerated Learning methods - to accommodate adult learning styles resulting in greater retention and immediate applicability for more immediate return on investment; and
  • Improving workplace culture and behaviors.

ERM’s approach facilitates a shift in EHS and sustainability culture and behaviors through the entire organization, which helps to reduce risks and liabilities, avoid costly fines and strengthen public image. By establishing a successful learning and development program, organizations can drive operational excellence, strengthen competitive advantage, and transform EHS and sustainability liabilities and challenges into valuable opportunities for cultural, organizational, and reputational change.