Making informed investment decisions with ESG Fusion


ERM developed a scorecard to evaluate ESG performance for a credit portfolio and ESG Fusion is delivering data for 100+ ESG indicators to inform the
assessments conducted using this scorecard.


ESG Fusion is supporting one of the largest Global Investment Firms
with evaluating ESG performance of 900+ companies for a Private
Credit fund:

  • The client needed a reliable ESG data set to inform a proprietary
    scorecard used to demonstrate its ability to meet ESG
    commitments for LPs and other key stakeholders
  • This will enable the client to develop SFDR-aligned funds to
    market to LPs in the EU and North America.
  • Turnover of companies in the portfolio is estimated to be 1/3
    annually and performance evaluation is conducted annually.


  • Providing fast, on-demand ESG assessments at a fraction of the cost
    of competitors.‚Äč
    Assessment of 100+ ESG indicators with strong alignment to the
    client’s scorecard and SFDR.
  • Periodic monitoring of adherence to industry norms, such as UN GC, OECD