Making informed investment decisions with ESG Fusion

Quotation mark ESG Fusion reports have helped our team to better identify key ESG risks and opportunities for prospective investments. Investing at scale and in early-stage companies means that it isn't always easy to access reliable ESG information. ESG Fusion has helped us to more credibly and consistently access ESG performance and to do so quickly with a relatively quick turnaround. Quotation mark

Head of Responsible Investment


ESG Fusion is supporting a mid-market investment firm's Head of Responsible Investment with AUM >$25 billion (2023) with pre-investment ESG screening of companies for its Private Credit portfolio:

  • The Client needed reliable access to ESG information to support a high-volume deal flow, with limited time for analysis and no access to target company internal data or management teams.
  • The Client advises the firm’s investment committee on deal decisions and relies on Fusion to identify key ESG risks and
    opportunities for prospective investments.
  • ESG Fusion has supported investment decisions on 200+ companies for this Client.


  • Providing a consistent, credible assessment of ESG performance to inform investment decisions.
  • Delivering company reports within 2-5 business days after a request, with limited effort required for the client.
  • Scaled delivery capacity to meet the client’s deal-flow, up to 15 deals per week.