To support its mission of building the world’s leading ESG screening engine, ERM’s award-winning solution, ESG Fusion, has now integrated data from SESAMm into its existing universe of proprietary and third-party data sources. SESAMm is a leading data platform, which provides evidence on the ESG controversies of companies across the globe.

Empowered by this new data source, ESG Fusion now screens an additional 20BN+ documents and 4M+ sources for ESG-related adverse events and controversies. It also expands ESG Fusion’s coverage to 100+ languages across most geographies, including emerging markets.

“At ERM, we partner with the world’s leading organizations to operationalize sustainability at pace and scale. ESG Fusion helps our investor and corporate clients get a quick yet comprehensive outside-in view of a company’s ESG performance. The solution has also proven to be invaluable in supporting the due diligence work of our global M&A advisory service. With the new data capabilities from SESAMm, ESG Fusion now can produce high-quality, outside-in reports at scale on almost any company worldwide. This is especially useful in private markets where high quality ESG data is so hard to find.”

Andrew Radcliff, Global Lead - M&A Advisory Services

A critical capability for modern-day ESG solutions is the ability to collect and ingest massive amounts of data at speed. With the capacity to screen hundreds of companies on-demand, ESG Fusion is being utilized by some of the world’s largest investment and corporate clients.

“A recurring challenge we see in the market is the capability to feed a state-of-the art ESG methodology with extensive amounts of up-to-date raw data at pace and scale. Any informed ESG assessment must be built on as large a data foundation as possible. With this new partnership, we can confidently say that ‘If there is evidence on a company’s ESG performance out there, we will find it.”

Tim Venison, Product Lead ESG Fusion

ESG Fusion leverages the newest AI technologies to feed large amounts of unstructured data into a robust screening and analysis methodology and transforms it into an intuitive and insightful ESG Fusion report. Every report then undergoes an additional ERM expert review before being delivered to the client.

“We are excited to support ERM in its mission to build a next generation ESG screening product. SESAMm has dedicated years of development to building a dataset that can provide recent ESG controversies on any company. It is exciting to see how ESG Fusion transforms this raw data into a condensed, insightful, and robust ESG profile.”

Sylvain Forte, CEO and Co-Founder SESAMm

Aside from company-specific ESG controversy data, as provided by SESAMm, all reports include two additional layers of analysis. First, ESG Fusion reports provide an assessment of the industry-inherent risk of any given company. Second, the solution incorporates a dedicated assessment of a company’s management performance around ESG topics – especially for identifying gaps in disclosures for small and mid-sized companies.

“Through this data partnership, we can also scan regional sources in multiple languages to identify company involvement in negative events. With our Management Performance analysis, we not only highlight ESG risks but want to create transparency regarding how well companies are prepared to manage these risks. This helps us to better understand the overall ESG risk profile of a company."

Visvesh Sridharan; Technical Expert at ESG Fusion and GreenBiz 30 under 30

Building on the newly extended capabilities to assess billions of documents and millions of sources in an instant, and continuously refined by ERM’s ESG expertise, ESG Fusion is in prime position to become the world's leading ESG screening engine, providing comprehensive, on-demand ESG insights for any company.

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