This Roadmap is meant to guide the development of a range of high impact policies to drive forward electric vehicle adoption across North Carolina. First, it explores the significant benefits to the State of adopting a collection of “core policies” that set standards for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle electrification.

This report contains modeling results to determine the potential costs and benefits created from increased levels of light-duty (LDV) and medium- and heavy-duty vehicle (M/HDV) electrification resulting from policy implementation within North Carolina. A complete report on the modeling analysis is included in the appendix.

The core policies described in the section below offer a clear pathway to achieve North Carolina’s ambitious electric vehicle goals and sector GHG emission reductions all while providing significant societal benefits that will positively impact North Carolinians across the State. The analysis included in this report finds that those benefits could reach $150 billion by 2050.

ERM undertook this analysis on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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