Sustainability Report 2016

Case Study

Highlights 2016

Rural farmers converting animal waste into biogas in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Sistema Biobolsa is a small Mexico-based enterprise that installs biodigesters for Mexican farmers.

The biodigesters convert animal waste into biogas, providing small-scale farmers with a sustainable and affordable alternative to carbon-intensive fuel sources, such as firewood or diesel. The digesters also produce a natural fertilizer that can be used by farmers to replace chemical fertilizers.

In FY16, the Low Carbon Enterprise Fund (LCEF) invested in Sistema Biobolsa to help the organization grow its operations. In addition to LCEF’s financial investment, consultants from ERM’s Mexico City office are providing pro bono technical support to quantify the environmental, social and greenhouse gas emission reduction benefits of the biodigesters. We also are providing advice on obtaining carbon credits to support the organization’s long-term operations.