Sustainability Report 2016

Case Study

Highlights 2016

Earth Day activities


To mark the annual Earth Day in 2016, and in line with ERM's sustainability agenda, the ERM Singapore office rolled out a series of enjoyable and engaging activities to encourage ERM employees to continue striving towards an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. These were built around a key initiative of Earth Day, namely a "Billion Acts of Green," which called for individuals to adopt greener habits in their everyday lives.

The ERM Foundation kick-started Earth Day activities for the Singapore office with a sharing of the origins of Earth Day, its significance and information on how staff could participate in local green initiatives centered on tree planting, e-waste recycling and composting. Each employee was then provided with a personal reusable tote bag and had the opportunity to design these bags with personal pledges for Earth Day. These tote bags would serve as a more sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bags, which were commonly used for daily takeaway lunches. Post-Earth Day, many ERM colleagues in Singapore have continued to use their tote bags on a regular basis, thereby doing their part for sustainability.

To bring across the main theme of Earth Day, "Trees for the Future," ERM Singapore designated a "paper-free" day to promote paperless work practices and reduce nonessential printing. ERM employees in Singapore responded positively to the event, and everyone made a concerted effort to go paperless for that day and reduce paper use thereafter.

Throughout the year, the ERM Foundation in Singapore organizes several events for the office – all of which are directed towards promoting sustainability and building partnerships with the community. These range from the annual International Coastal Clean-up Singapore, horseshoe crab rescue and birdwatching surveys with local nature groups and organizations. The Foundation also plays an active role in environmental education and outreach, having conducted talks at local universities since 2013.