Sustainability Report 2015

Progress on key issues

Impact through client work

ERM’s success is completely dependent on our clients’ success. We must continue to support our clients with independent, high-quality services that respond to their most important issues.

Walt Shill, Global Managing Partner, Client Services

We focus on serving our clients' needs across the life cycle of their assets and business. We believe the greatest impact we can have is through helping our clients seek solutions to sustainability challenges now and into the future.

Delivering value

The Oil and Gas, Mining and Metals, Power, Manufacturing and Chemical sectors equate to more than 75 percent of our business. These industries are constantly seeking advice from our firm on how to balance their business growth with the social and environmental stewardship expectations of today's society.

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As a firm that prides itself on learning and development, we continually seek ways to innovate in terms of what services we provide to our clients and how we provide those services. The use of technology and information is becoming increasingly important to our client base and we are responding to this demand through deploying new tools and approaches.

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Sustainable growth

Two of our focus sectors, Oil and Gas and Mining, are especially prone to commodity price cycles. This can create dramatic swings in emphasis within our client base in terms of the volume and type of services they need. We adapt to this in two primary ways: redeploying our human capital across our focus sectors in accordance with the ups and downs of demand, and shifting the emphasis in services from between those that are Capex-driven and those that are more Opex-driven.

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