Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Safety transformation program for S-OIL

Ulsan, South Korea

ERM was awarded a landmark sustainable safety program with S-OIL's Onsan Refinery. With a capacity of 580,000 barrels per day as well as other facilities producing petrochemicals and lube base oils, Onsan is one of South Korea's largest oil refineries. Our support on the program will continue into FY18.

ERM's safety program at the site encompasses several elements, including a smartphone app-based safety culture survey, safety diagnostics, safety improvement strategy development, safety leadership training, field coaching on hazard identification and coaching-based intervention. The overall objective is to create a sustained change in safety culture at the site, a key element of our sustainable safety services.

ERM's approach has proved to be successful in several innovative ways. For example, the refinery previously conducted a web-based safety culture survey that had a response rate of only 25 percent. In contrast, our smart phone-based survey resulted in a much more valuable 75 percent response rate. ERM's attentiveness to the client's needs, coupled with our expertise in sustainable safety programs, has led to our ongoing support in transforming the refinery's safety program.