Services we offer

Sustainability Services

Identifying and leveraging opportunities to improve performance and profitability, strengthen reputation and relationships with key stakeholders, and enhance competitive advantage by embedding sustainability across our clients’ businesses

M&A Solutions Services

Empowering companies to identify, prioritize, and realize EHSS performance and efficiency opportunities when making acquisitions, merging and integrating operations, and divesting assets to increase overall value and accelerate return on investment and attainment of strategic goals

Operational Performance Services

Improving operational performance for organizations around the world through an outcome-driven approach to EHSS, broad understanding of regulations and standards, and expert stakeholder management

Major Capital Project Services

Ensuring major capital projects stay on schedule, on budget and on scope by providing EHSS insights and expertise throughout the project lifecycle, from planning and design to implementation and on-going management

Asset & Portfolio Management Services

Transforming liabilities into opportunities to help our clients maximize the value of their asset portfolio and drive stronger financial and reputational outcomes through proactive management of EHSS issues

Health, Safety & Risk Services

Optimizing business performance by helping our clients derive greater value from their investments in health, safety and risk management while protecting people, assets, and the environment

Environmental Compliance Services

Enabling organizations to realize maximum value from environmental activities and investments by better understanding and meeting compliance obligations in a continually changing regulatory landscape

Data Management & Technology Services

Transforming EHSS data management from an administrative burden into a business advantage through innovative technology, automating processes and integrating systems

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Integrated Solutions

Our clients face large, complex business challenges. Through integrated solutions, we bring multiple disciplines together with a deep understanding of financial and operational impacts for improved business performance.

Industries we serve

ERM maintains a strong presence in key sectors our clients work in.