Contaminated Site Management

Making the world cleaner for the next generation 

From oil refineries and copper mines to manufacturing plants and solar power installations, our clients operate a wide variety and large volume of sites. These sites, old or new, can lead to the contamination of local and natural resources – the land, the groundwater, the flora and the fauna. 

At ERM, we help minimize this contamination. Our Contaminated Site Management (CSM) sevices help protect human health and ecology by offering our clients a range of sustainable solutions. These include:

  • Sediment remediation
  • Field investigations
  • Risk assessments
  • Fate and transport modeling

We don't just decontaminate; we also demolish and decommission sites, and undertake remediation to enable the land to be restored or the facility reused.

As part of the Contaminated Site Management team, you will contribute to individual projects as well as long-term client programs. As a result, you will not only help clean-up land and locations around the world, but also help our clients meet their regulatory obligations and shareholder expectations while addressing the concerns of the communities in which they operate.