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Our core services are designed to meet the broad range of our clients’ changing needs. The strong communities surrounding these practices allow consultants to transcend geographical boundaries, develop innovative solutions in addressing our clients’ challenges and work more closely with their sector-focused colleagues across the globe.

At ERM, as well as offering specific services to address a particular client’s issue, we are conscious of  the need to look at and address the wider strategic ambitions in an organization. Our team of strategy consultants act as trusted advisors to senior leaders in a number of the world’s leading companies to find solutions to their sustainable performance, operational and cultural challenges.

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Industries we serve

Around the world, ERM delivers sustainable solutions for hundreds of leading industrial and non-industrial clients by helping them to improve their business, organizational and environmental performance. We do this by understanding business needs and the industry in which these clients work.

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Case Studies

By helping our clients achieve better outcomes, we not only contribute to the sustainability of their businesses but also address broader global challenges, such as access to natural resources and energy, biodiversity and protecting local communities.

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