My role at ERM could have been made just for me. I have a background in environmental science, and I’ve always been fascinated with data science, so GIS is the natural fit. It’s exactly what I envisioned doing. Working here offers the perfect balance of analysis, visualization and innovation – all to support colleagues and clients in their own goals, across a range of different industries. But it’s not just the multidisciplinary mix that is right for me. It’s also the impact we get to make. This is invaluable, essential work: what we do matters in the world.  

It wasn’t too long after I joined ERM that I had the chance to prove myself. I was brought onto a project initially to provide geospatial data management, but my role soon expanded into analysis, planning, visualizations and more. Things moved quickly and, together with our partners both inside and outside the business, there was a lot to get done to hit some challenging deadlines – all while I was learning about a new industry. Not only did we manage to get the work done, but my own efforts were rewarded with a Global Recognition Award in Client Focus Delivery. 

It was a huge compliment to receive it, but it was only possible because my manager took a chance on me, and took the time to guide me into a primary project role. I’m also grateful to all my colleagues on the project for what they did, helping shape me into a strong consultant. Everyone played their part.  

But that’s typical here – everything’s a team effort. The work we do is full of complexity and challenge, but everyone knows how their expertise fits. It’s incredible to see all the moving parts fit together – our people are just so versatile. Every new project is a chance to collaborate with different subject matter experts across ERM. I truly think I learn something new every day. 

Ours is a huge team of specialists in every field imaginable. But we are more than the sum of our parts, because we are all driven by the common goal of building a sustainable future. It makes the company incredibly powerful. 

Quotation mark I’ve seen first-hand the impact that ERM has had for our clients across sectors. We’re making a real difference, driving real change today and for the future. Quotation mark

Maddie Hayes

Consulting Senior Associate