I went along to an international conference to present my graduate research. I left with a new direction for my career!

My studies were coming to an end, so I was considering my options. Then, after my presentation, someone from ERM approached me and suggested I join. It sounded like a natural home for me: a place where I could develop my interests and harness my passions. I was impressed by the wide variety of technical capabilities on offer, but even better was the fact they “walked the talk”. Sustainability is what they do, not an afterthought or a PR exercise. As a student graduating, I remember thinking this would give me a wonderful place to continue to grow. The nine years since then have proved me right!

I began in Liability Portfolio Management & Remediation, where I supported some fascinating site characterization studies and learned a lot about remediation systems. Then, after a couple of years, I pivoted to transaction services, supporting influential clients through due diligence on major deals – a role that gave me the opportunity to combine compliance skills with my knowledge of environmental impact studies.

Kara Dias and her dog

Playing such an important role in our critical decisions is truly rewarding, especially when my team supports the kind of high-profile transactions which are announced on the news. We’re now working with these clients beyond the initial transaction, helping them build out their climate and ESG strategies post deal. It’s fun to be involved in the proactive side of planning.

I’m now a Partner – the promotion came through just a few weeks ago. I’m proud to have made the step up, but what’s even better is seeing how my team have developed and excelled. Our expertise is our superpower, and I feel like it’s a power I get to grant each member, giving them the platform to make incredible change and do career-defining work.

Being part of an organization like ERM – one which works across so many different sectors and service lines – comes with an opportunity to explore passions and discover strengths. If you’re open to experiencing different types of projects, if you’re willing to seek out the challenges and seize the opportunities that come your way, then this is a place you can go far.

Quotation mark You don’t know what you like without trying things. And the more you experience, the more you can unlock your abilities, join the dots for our clients and become a well-rounded consultant. The effort really pays off. It certainly has for me! Quotation mark

Kara Dias

Climate Sustainability & Transactions Partner