How do you imagine a job in marine consultancy? Elena Mianzan, who's lucky to follow her passion for marine science, sheds a light on her role as a Marine Consultant and ERM's Marine Capital Projects Delivery team.

Tell us about your background and career journey at ERM?

I joined ERM two years ago, working in the CPD team on rail infrastructure projects. Despite the rewarding experience, my passion has always been marine science, aligning with my academic background and a master's in oceanography. I am now part of the Marine CPD business unit—a dynamic team of over 60 individuals and counting!

Why is now an exciting time to join ERM?

In terms of being a marine consultant, there has been no better time to join ERM than now. Our marine team is experiencing rapid growth, providing a diverse range of services and opening doors to some really exciting projects. Even though our team is located in the UK, we have contributed to projects spanning Europe, extending as far as South Africa, Asia and even Antarctica.

What is a common misconception about marine consultancy and your job?

That it only deals with paperwork and compliance instead of actively contributing to environmental preservation. As consultants, we help protect marine ecosystems and promote sustainable development through environmental assessments and risk management.

Why is championing a work/life balance important to you?

It’s important to explore other interests and broaden one's horizon, and thankfully, the culture at ERM prioritizes personal well-being. Beyond work, I am deeply involved in yoga, teaching it on weekends, and I cherish moments spent with friends and family.

Quotation mark A common misconception about our work is that it primarily involves only paperwork, bureaucracy, and compliance, without making a significant positive impact on the environment - working as mere facilitators of regulatory processes rather than active contributors to environmental conservation. However, as a marine consultants we play an important role in safeguarding marine ecosystems and ensuring sustainable development. Quotation mark

Elena Mianzan

Marine Consultant, Marine Capital Projects Delivery Team

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