In order to effectively champion women's voices within the workplace, it is crucial that our employees are wholeheartedly committed to the cause.

It’s something that comes naturally for Abigale Nelson, GIS Consultant based in Southampton and a big advocate for women’s recognition in tech. 

What do you do day-to-day?

My tasks generally consist of producing maps, centred on the marine environment, for use in a variety of different environmental reports across a range of sectors, including marine renewable energy, submarine cables and aerospace.

What key skill is essential to a successful career in GIS?

You need to have the ability to problem solve! Not a single day goes by where a piece of software or tool doesn't work as I expected it to, data does not display as I thought it would or a database isn't as simple to navigate as it should be.

Why is championing a womens voice in tech important to you?

I am a huge advocate of and will always push for women to get equal recognition in the technology services industry. It's in my DNA to help promote women’s voices in an industry such as mine, where they can often get lost. Thankfully ERM are very good at doing this and championing female successes wherever possible.

Tell us a little bit about life outside of work and how ERM supports you?

I am a keen swimmer and I take a daily swim break. This is well supported by ERM through their flexible working policy which allows me to take an hour out of the middle of my day to swim my 60 laps without having to feel guilty, I then have the ability to build this time back up as and when it suits me during the day.

Quotation mark I was brought up by a strong independent woman so it's in my DNA to help promote a woman’s voice in an industry such as mine, where it can often get lost. Thankfully ERM are very good at promoting women’s voices and championing female successes where possible. Quotation mark

Abigale Nelson

GIS Consultant, Marine Capital Projects Delivery Team

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