ERM utilizes suppliers/subcontractors who exhibit the highest level of safety awareness, ethical behavior and quality of performance. Key supplier/subcontractor attributes include: 

  • incorporating safe practices in all commercial decisions 
  • exhibiting the highest level of integrity at all times and in all dealings
  • outstanding quality of work, and 
  • cost savings innovation

Addendum to Subcontracts (Anti-Bribery/Corruption - Child and Forced Labor) Hide

ERM has two key global documents to aid with our subcontractor due diligence in the Anti-Bribery and Corruption (“ABC”) arena. A new ‘Addendum to Subcontracts – Anti-Bribery/ Corruption (“ABC”) and Child/Forced Labor is now available. The Addendum is an important part of ERM’s compliance with client contracts and other legal obligations supporting ERM’s commitment to combating bribery, corruption, child and forced labor. Subcontractors must adhere to the same commitments of ethical principles and professional conduct as ERM.

Addendum to Subcontracts - Anti-Bribery/ Corruption (“ABC”) and Child/Forced Labor  (PDF)

Supplier/Subcontractor Business Conduct Information Form Hide

All suppliers and subcontractors of ERM: please provide information concerning your company and business conduct practices, using the form at the link to the right. Instructions for returning the information to ERM are contained in the form. Thank you for your cooperation in meeting ERM’s commitment to ethical principles and professional conduct.


Instructions for accessing the English form: After selecting the link to the right, if prompted to open or save, the form should work either way. If  prompted that the file already exists, please select ‘Yes’ to replace it.  If prompted about macros, please select ‘Enable’. 


Subsurface Clearance (SSC) Review Checklist for Contractors Hide

This form is used to conduct and document review with contractor personnel, to ensure they have been properly briefed on the applicable components of ERM’s Subsurface Clearance Procedure.

ERM Subsurface Clearance Review Checklist for Contractors (PDF)