ERM and RiskPoynt have announced a new strategic partnership that will provide clients an integrated real-time view on operational and process safety risks to support performance improvements.

The partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to delivering quality services and digital solutions to their collective clients. ERM and RiskPoynt share a deep understanding of the oil & gas and energy industries, as well as the business and technical aspects required for successful deployment and adoption of safety critical software solutions such as barrier management.

Companies, in particular those in the high hazardous industries, face continued pressure to improve their operational performance, all the while keeping employees and contractors safe in an increasingly digital world. By joining forces, ERM and RiskPoynt can provide clients with an integrated and real-time view of key operational risk areas such as the health and integrity of barrier management.

ERM continues to be leader in this arena, most recently through our ‘Connected Safety’ approach to digitization of EHS. This approach focuses on connecting people, process and technology to ensure the presence of safeguards - rather than the absence of incidents - as the best vector to achieve Goal Zero.

“We have been working with clients around the world for over 40 years, helping them to understand and manage their EHS, risk, and social impacts. Through this partnership we’re able to provide our clients a truly integrated view on operational and process safety risks in real-time. The combination of our domain expertise and this cutting edge intuitive technology simply allows our clients to better manage their risk. We are pleased to add RiskPoynt to the ecosystem of trusted partners we have been collaborating with to better serve our clients on their digital journey,” says Sammy Lakshmanan, Global Head of Digital Services at ERM.

“RiskPoynt, as the leading provider of barrier management software that supports asset integrity, is excited to join forces with ERM as a global leader in providing operational risk management solutions. The combination of digital tools and industry expertise will provide our joint customers a great opportunity to achieve operational excellence”, says Tim Perman, CEO of RiskPoynt.

About Riskpoynt
The first software to integrate real-time asset telemetry into day-to-day management of operational risks, RiskPoynt translates complex risk assessments for each safety barrier into visual displays that are easy to interpret and act on by people at all levels of your organization, locally and globally. Learn more