ERM Taiwan office was established in 1999, and has handled over 2,000 projects for multinational companies in Taiwan, across Asia Pacific, and globally. ERM Taiwan has been introducing best-in-industry practices and innovative ideas into the region helping clients to deal with sustainability challenges that would identify and reduce risks, cut costs and enhance both brand and image. Following the services globally, ERM Taiwan provide services including:

ERM Taiwan Co. Ltd. (ERM TW, 永灃環境管理顧問股份有限公司ERM集團於1999 年在台灣成立的子公司,目前擁有超過40位的專業人員,完成超過 2,000 個計畫,其中客戶包含跨國與台灣當地企業,計畫涵蓋台灣、亞太與全球共同合作項目。ERM TW 的服務延續ERM集團全球性的服務,以永續為核心,包含:

  • Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change
  • ESG Advisory/ Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Capital Project Delivery
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and monitoring
  • Project financing service
  • Liability Portfolio Management and Remediation
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Investigation
  • EHS Management and Compliance
  • Sustainable Product & Supply Chain
  • Healthcare Regulatory Consulting
  • 企業永續發展與氣候變遷
  • ESG諮詢與併購
  • 重大資本投資計畫
  • 環境與社會影響評估與監測
  • 專案融資
  • 責任總合管理暨污染整治
  • 環境廠址評估與調查
  • 環安衛管理與合規
  • 產品監管_產品永續與供應鏈
  • 健康照護產品法規諮詢

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