ERM has been assisting clients in Spain since 1990, when the first office was opened in Madrid. In 1995, a second office was opened in Barcelona.

Over this time ERM has provided sustainable environmental and health & safety services for a wide range of clients of all sectors providing local expertise and a personalized service supported by the resources of a large, full-service organization.

ERM’s team in Spain is able to provide expert support to both national and multinational organizations across the region. Our aim is to be locally engaged while offering a global standard of service to whoever we work for. We also work extensively for the Oil and Gas sector in North Africa, including Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. We help our clients to meet "in country" environmental legislative requirements and international and corporate standards helped by the fact we possess a significant amount of relevant and up to date information.

Our Iberia offices are also the first Environmental Adviser in Spain for Due Diligence processes and have pioneered on Contaminated Sites Management and Environmental Risk Management projects.