Future Energy Asia

17th-19th May
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok (Thailand)

This event will see energy ministers, policy makers and key energy stakeholders coming together and talk about various innovation and share their insights

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Future Energy Asia (FEA), officially hosted by the Kingdom of Thailand's Ministry of Energy, is Asia's leading energy transition and transformation exhibition and summit, taking place in-person at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok (Thailand) from 17-19 May 2023.

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ERM is the Associate sponsor at the event and will have senior leaders speaking during the event.

Strategic Summit

Robin Kennish, Managing Partner, Renewables & Climate Change Services

17th May | 16:30-17:15 Renewables Leaders Panel Moderator

Accelerating Investment in Renewable Project Development

As Asia addresses net-zero commitments, the imperative to expand the renewable sector will become critical. Innovative funding mechanisms will be needed along with policy and regulatory measures to manage risk, drive investment and encourage the formation of public-private partnerships in new energy technologies and infrastructure. Investors will need to be galvanised to consider opportunities, including renewable power generation, rapid electrification, infrastructure legacy upgrades, and new development in energy storage and transportation. This will encourage intra-regional partnership opportunities such as electricity export and carbon credit trading.

Steve Duckworth, Senior Partner, APAC, ERM

19th May | Panel Moderator

Enhancing Data Center Sustainability and Resilience with Innovative Energy Solutions

The data center sector is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing industries, the backbone of its fast-expanding internet economy and a growing center of energy demand. To ensure the sustainability of the region and create a robust backup power system, the operations of its data centers will need to become increasingly powered by renewables, embrace more energy efficiency, and integrate circular energy systems.


Technical Conference

Kamonthip Ma-oon, Partner, Capital Project Development, ERM

17th May | 11:15-11:30
A safe, sustainable and just transition approach for seamless renewables projects.

Stephanie Groen, Partner, Low Carbon Economy Transition, ERM

19th May | 10:15-10:30
CCS Implementation: A Case Study

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Robin Kennish

Robin Kennish

Managing Partner, Renewables & Climate Change Services; ERM

Robin is the Managing Partner responsible for ERMs Asia Renewables services. He has over 25 years of experience in managing and directing studies for the Power sector. These studies have ranged from permitting of renewables, transmission and distribution systems and gas to power plants through to preparation of corporate standards on biodiversity and health and safety support in operations. Dr Kennish also advises ERMs Clients on their transition to a low carbon economy. Robin provides proven advisory and consulting services around climate risk and opportunity identification, TCFD aligned disclosures and portfolio stress testing.

Steve Duckworth

Steve Duckworth

Senior Partner, APAC, ERM

Mr Duckworth is a Senior Partner for ERM in Asia Pacific (based in Bangkok) and has over 30 years experience in Project Management, Waste Engineering and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management in Europe and Asia. He is a Chartered Waste Manager with the United Kingdom’s Institute of Wastes Management. Mr Duckworth has Project Directed or Managed the delivery of ERM’s EHS/Sustainability services including Site Due-diligence in key sectors including Technology (Data Centres, Real Estate, Logistic Warehouses, Submarine Cables), Power (Onshore and Offshore Wind, Solar, Hydro and Conventional Thermal Plants), Real Estate (Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Logistic Warehouses, Retail Malls, Leisure Parks). He has led numerous projects for Data Center developments including ERA (Environmental Regulatory Assessment), Site Due-diligence, City-Assessments, and Permitting Support for technology companies in multiple countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Stéphanie Groen

Stéphanie Groen

Partner, Low Carbon Economy Transition S&EA

Stéphanie has over 20 years’ professional experience in water, marine and environmental consultancy and is using her expertise to provide support and leadership in the areas of technical due diligence, technology, water, environment, and infrastructure development in line with global climate change resilience. She developed domain knowledge about environmental monitoring and management plans (EMMP) related to land reclamation and marine infrastructure developments and worked on biodiversity assessments, EIA’s, climate change resilience plans (coastal and inland), monitoring dredging and reclamation activities and conducting feasibility studies for renewable energy (hydropower, tidal power, wind, floating solar). She has helped clients in Asia, particularly in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines implementing environmental best practices and understanding the various impacts of climate change on assets or coastal areas. Prior to joining ERM, she was with design engineering firm Aurecon and before that with environmental consultant DHI.

Kamonthip Ma-oon

Kamonthip Ma-oon

Partner, Capital Project Development (CPD)

Ms. Kamonthip Ma-oon is a Partner, leading Capital Project Development (CPD) multi-national team at ERM, based in Bangkok Office.

Kamonthip has extensive experience in managing Environmental and Social aspects for large-scale projects, leading ESIA and ESDD executions in various sectors including Renewable, Oil & Gas, Power and Transportation both in Europe and across South East Asia, focusing on Thailand, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Kamonthip also has key experience as Business Partner to the Clients in Energy Sectors with her support on Environmental, Social, Health and Safety aspects to comply with local requirement and applicable international standards i.e. IFC PS, WB, ADB SPS, as well as providing strategic advise on EHS Risk Management and to support clients throughout the lenders’ review process to secure project financing from international lenders and PEs.

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Parishrut Tripathi

For further information please reach out to Parishrut Tripathi at Parishrut.tripathi@erm.com