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Welcome to ERM in the United States

ERM has been serving clients throughout North America and beyond for over 35 years.  We have 60 offices employing over 1,800 staff.

In North America ERM has been helping businesses and other organizations thrive despite increasing environmental demands, complexities, and uncertainties.  In doing so, we have become one of America’s largest and most successful environmental firms.

We provide a full suite of environmental services enabling us to offer everything our utility, business and industry clients need. These services are backed by extensive local knowledge of federal, state and local regulations, as well as strong outreach and negotiating skills with regulatory agencies and stakeholder groups.

ERM is known for unparalleled quality work and value-added client services, which is proven by the fact that we work for 50% of the Global Fortune 500.

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ERM Aquatic Toxicology Services in the United States

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