I always wanted to be part of a multinational, multicultural organisation. The sort of business where you could collaborate with different people all over the world. ERM didn’t disappoint. Since I joined in 2017, I’ve had the opportunity to interact and collaborate with consultants and specialists right across the globe.

Catherine Hallot

Yet it’s all one community, all bound by one shared focus: sustainability is our business. And, for me, being part of ERM is to be amongst the elite in the industry. Whatever region they’re in, whatever sector they serve, the colleagues I’ve met have been incredible. The people here set such a high standard – even after years of working here, I’m still learning more and more every day.

Here, people bring their whole selves to their roles. That’s not just about being true to who you are – it’s about recognising and harnessing your capabilities beyond the usual professional arena. For me, that means bringing the resilience I’ve learned on the tennis court or reflecting the creativity of the music I love. It’s the same across the team and across the whole global ERM community. And it’s because we have such a diverse mix of unique capabilities that we’re able to make such a profound impact and set a standard that the rest of the industry can only follow.

My role is in the Transaction Advisory service line, the area that supports Mergers & Acquisitions. To work here is to ride a rollercoaster every day. Offering our clients expertise on minimizing their environmental impact, assessing risks related to resource management and developing strategies for improvement – every deal and investment is rich in complexity and challenge, from demanding timescales to working with clients’ advisors. To understand clients’ needs, it’s as much about listening to what is said as it is perceiving what is not said. It pushes you to be sharp, assertive and attentive.

Quotation mark But the effort you put in here definitely pays off. Getting results means promoting sustainable practices within influential organisations, ensuring they meet environmental regulations and reduce their ecological footprint. That’s why I’m so passionate about this service: it’s how – I believe – we can shape a world worth living. Quotation mark

Catherine Hallot

Principal Consultant, Sao Paolo