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Impact with clients

ESG and sustainable finance

It is increasingly clear that environment, social and governance (ESG) issues are fundamentally interconnected with the ability of our clients to:

  • Protect and enhance the value of their investments;
  • Secure the financing they need to expand and innovate; and
  • Meet the increasing stakeholder expectations of investors as well as customers, supply chain partners and the wider society.

Significant disruptive forces are in play, posing both risks and opportunities for businesses: the climate crisis; human rights risks; shifting consumer preferences; cyber security threats and data privacy breaches; ecosystem threats from biodiversity loss, land degradation, plastics in the environment and worsening pollution; lack of diversity, equality and inclusion; and gaps in government leadership. ESG in finance is becoming the norm as pressure increases from peers and voluntary sustainability initiatives as well as investor demands.

Our clients work in fast paced and competitive environments. They face growing calls for transparency in management and disclosure of material ESG issues and value-creation opportunities associated with their investments.

ERM helps our clients respond to these pressures and market drivers, by leveraging our technical expertise and business acumen to:

  • Develop ESG strategy, benchmarking and roadmaps;
  • Provide ESG transaction advisory services;
  • Create value and mitigate/minimize risk throughout the investment life cycle;
  • Engage, monitor and support the implementation of ESG performance improvements driven by investor and lenders requirements;
  • Assist with ESG ratings and rankings, disclosure, reporting, and engagement with investors and stakeholders;
  • Transform culture;
  • Grow leadership capability and management framework; and
  • Optimize ESG performance.

Despite pandemic-related travel restrictions, ERM continues to provide due diligence services to clients by deploying micro-satellite technology, analyzing remote sensing data, accessing online data sources, utilizing proprietary AI-powered benchmarking, and conducting virtual site visits. 

We support our clients in recognizing the value creation opportunities embedded in ESG and sustainable finance. We help leading organizations to not only develop robust ESG strategies and implementation frameworks to maximize their access to capital and minimize risks, but also to seek out investment opportunities driven by the sustainability and ESG megatrends.