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Business resilience

Rapidly evolving natural and societal conditions are exacerbating the complex environment within which businesses operate. From the impacts of the climate emergency to global pandemics, changing markets, complex regulatory frameworks and stronger stakeholder demands – business must build resilience, broaden enterprise risk management approaches, and strengthen their systems and capabilities if they are to survive and thrive.

ERM helps our clients identify and focus on their material topics and put practical measures in place to be able to withstand the consequences of regulatory changes, economic shocks and consumer demand. We provide integrated risk approaches, compliance management, and business continuity and rapid response planning and support to help businesses build more resilient products, supply chains and operations. We work with organizations to strengthen their "human resilience" with respect to safety, well-being, human rights and diversity, equality and inclusion.  

At the time of this report, the COVID-19 virus is an extreme example of the importance of business resilience. The pandemic is profoundly impacting people, markets and the global economy. As companies deploy multi-faceted responses to the pandemic, ERM is serving as an integrated partner by providing crisis management, business continuity and operational support.

Our teams are also now helping companies return their employees to their offices, facilities and other operational areas in a safe manner, managing all of the complexities that this entails. In parallel, we have evolved many of our existing services to be delivered using technology and other creative measures in circumstances where it is not safe for people to return to a workplace.