Renewable energy is recognised internationally as a major contributor in protecting our climate, nature, and the environment as well as providing a wide range of environmental, economic and social benefits that will contribute towards long-term global sustainability.

As such, Engie identified the potential to develop wind energy facility projects to add new capacity to the national electricity grid. Extensive pre-feasibility analyses and site identification processes were undertaken by Moyeng Energy and their wind engineers Windlab in identifying potentially suitable sites for wind energy development and a regional assessment process was conducted by Savannah Environmental in the EIA Report submitted to the Department in 2011 and subsequently authorised on 2 February 2012 (DEA Reference: 12/12/20/1582). Through a pre-feasibility and site selection process, an area of ~39 km2 in extent falling within the Swartland Local Municipality (Western Cape) was identified as being potentially suitable for wind energy development.

Moyeng Energy previously received Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the project and have subsequently requested amendments to the EA in respect of the Maximum Turbine Rotor Diameter and Proposed Layout. The proposed changes to the project requires a Part Two Amendment to the EA in respect of the National Environmental Management Act, (NEMA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations, GNR 326 of April 2017.