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A first-of-its-kind analysis compares the total reported methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions — as well as the relative emissions intensity — of nearly 300 US oil and gas producers.

The report provides operators, natural gas purchasers, investors, policymakers and regulators with a rich resource to inform decision-making.

The analysis is a collaborative effort between Ceres, Bank of America and Clean Air Task Force, conducted by MJ Bradley & Associates (MJB&A) – an ERM Group company that provides strategic consulting services to support the transition to a lower carbon economy. It uses data that companies have submitted to the US EPA in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program and can be accessed via an interactive data platform hosted at MJB&A’s website.

The report highlights wide variation in the emissions intensity (the amount of methane or greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production) between producers, even those with operations of a similar size, and provides comparisons both within the same basin and nationwide. These differences reflect the nature of different hydrocarbon basins, as well as companies’ equipment and operational practices.

The benchmarking exercise is part of ERM’s ongoing work to help society navigate the low carbon transition. This includes:

  • helping power generators and developers to deliver renewable and low/no carbon energy;
  • enabling energy companies to reduce the carbon intensity of multiple products including natural gas, liquified natural gas, and renewable natural gas; and
  • working with the world’s major banks to deliver on financing aligned with the Paris Agreement.

The findings of this new analysis will help inform investors aiming to differentiate between companies, provide valuable insights to natural gas purchasers, and will also inform regulators, lawmakers and even oil and gas company executives themselves as the US EPA prepares to revise federal methane regulations later this year.

By analyzing data reported to EPA under a consistent methodology, this report allows for direct comparisons of producer performance."

Robert LaCount

Climate Advisory Lead for North America, ERM

Robert LaCount

Climate Advisory Lead for North America, ERM