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“One company compliance” and incorporation of sustainability into environmental compliance management

As the upstream oil and gas industry continues to comply with rapidly developing federal and local regulations, several issues emerge as barriers to the development of a robust and sustainable “One company compliance” program. One company compliance begins with right people who can develop and implement a sustainable compliance strategy, incorporates strategic implementation of integrated processes and systems for overall company compliance, and establishes processes for improving compliance efficiency and performance. An analysis of these issues shows that they are mostly related to a company’s approach to compliance program development.

Featured Case Study

Business Challenge: Implementing a company-wide rollout of an enterprise management system across Tesoro Petroleum’s operations in the US

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Tesoro is a Fortune 500 petroleum refining and marketing company with seven refineries and more than 900 retail stations across the Western US with about 5,500 employees. ERM helped Tesoro develop compliance assurance software content for an enterprise management system at Tesoro’s Golden Eagle refinery in Martinez, Calif. The goal for implementation of the software is to  help ensure that regulatory actions are executed in accord with the local air agency’s Title V operating permit.