ERM was commissioned by Woodside Energy Limited to undertake a Life Cycle Assessment for Woodside’s proposed Browse and Scarborough gas fields.

The purpose of this life cycle assessment is to analyse the full life-cycle impacts of liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and utilisation from two proposed Woodside Energy Limited (Woodside) operated gas reservoirs; Browse and Scarborough. The main market for LNG from these reservoirs is Asia, and in particular China, Japan, Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and India.

The study compares the environmental impact of electricity generated in the four target markets, with the environmental impact of specific electricity grid mixes in the same markets. This analysis demonstrates how Browse and Scarborough-sourced gas would compare, either on a grid-average basis, directly against coal-fired generation, or against a portfolio of fossil fuel power sources.

The project was produced by Environmental Resources Management Pty Ltd in association with Life Cycles. The project has been critically peer reviewed by CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation an independent Australian Government Agency responsible for scientific research) in accordance with ISO 14044:2006 Environmental Management-Life Cycle Assessment-Requirements and Guidelines. The CSIRO review concluded that the study has been carried out in compliance with ISO 14044:2006. The critical review panel deems the overall quality of the study and methods to be high, and the used data appropriate and reasonable.

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