Material Issues

By mapping our value chain and engaging our stakeholders at all levels, we can identify the issues that are most important to our business. These "material issues" are the elements of our business requiring our greatest focus. To identify and prioritize our highest priority material issues, as well as associated key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets for improvement, ERM conducts formal materiality assessments in accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines at the start of each financial year.

To learn more about the process of how we determined these material issues and mapped them to specific aspects of the G4 Guidelines, see About this Report and GRI Content Index.

In our FY13 Sustainability Report, we set out our FY14 material issues and associated KPIs and targets. This report details our performance against these targets over the past year outlined in our Performance Table.

As part of this year's assessment, we increased our engagement with two specific external stakeholder groups — clients and thought leaders — to gain greater insight into our material issues. We engaged with more than two dozen global thought leaders in academia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the media, along with other relevant stakeholders. In addition, our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) conducted 76 face-to-face interviews with representatives from 29 of our Global Key Clients and other selected clients.

In response to stakeholder feedback and recommendations from internal and external assessments of our FY13 Sustainability Report, ERM enhanced the rigor of our process for determining material issues for the year ahead (FY15).

Details of our material issues going forward are contained in the Determining What Matters section.