The ERM Academy is at the heart of learning and development at ERM.

Through the ERM Academy, we offer a wide range of learning opportunities that are aligned to both our business goals and the individual career objectives of our employees, whether they are in a consulting or professional support role.

Every new employee completes a number of mandatory training and local onboarding activities to ensure they can carry out their work safely and in compliance with the requirements and policies of ERM, our clients and legislation.

The ERM Academy offers a mix of classroom, e-learning and informal educational approaches. In addition, each global practice area works with the Academy team to offer specialist learning curricula. These typically include a blend of customized e-learning, external professional training and on-the-job training, with all activities aligned to our performance management (PMF) and development process.

We also help employees broaden their expertise through knowledge-sharing. ERM has an award-winning knowledge management system, which enables our teams to access client information and technical resources in real time. This platform also allows ERM to pool our global experience and source the right local, regulatory, cultural and language skills to support client projects worldwide.

In FY14, we met our target of delivering an average of at least 40 hours of training per FTE employee each year.


Sustainability in Action Academy Course, North America

Sustainability in Action

ERM's CEO is a Co-Chair and Ambassador of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Action2020 platform, and we are committed to encouraging other leading companies to adopt the business solutions as part of our response to a more sustainable future.

Our colleagues in the United States, in response to interest from employees, developed an eight-week course based on Action2020, delivered online through the ERM Academy. Bill Lorenz (pictured above right), Director of the Sustainability Engineering Program at Villanova University (and former ERM Partner), designed and delivered the program to over 350 employees from 50 offices in the U.S.and Canada. Participants attended the course on their own time, committed to pre-work for each session, formed work groups to identify challenges and solutions for clients (using the nine focus areas of Action2020), assessed their own activities and behaviors, and developed action plans.

Danielle Musa, a Project Engineer and course participant, said, "The Sustainability in Action course embodies my reasons for working at ERM. It strengthened my technical knowledge, challenged me to redefine my personal and professional impacts and allowed me to engage in meaningful discussions with colleagues. In my action plan, I committed to personal footprint reductions, as well as increasing my professional knowledge to discuss sustainability challenges and opportunities with clients. Businesses, including ERM and our clients, have the potential to be leaders for change."

People Profile

Aditi Joshi

Aditi Joshi, Singapore

A World of Possibilities

I first became intrigued by ERM while I was still a student and reading a textbook produced by the company on waste management. I was excited by the potential to work on interesting projects all over the world and managed to secure an internship with the Mumbai office in India. I soon moved to Singapore to join the Risk and Safety team and later the Impact Assessment and Planning practice.

Every day, I am working with committed and talented people and learning from subject matter experts around the world as I develop my career in sustainability consulting, about which I am passionate. There is so much room for me to grow and develop my skills. I would never have thought of working in air quality and noise assessment, for example, but over the course of nearly seven years with ERM, I have had the opportunity to be a part of some great projects in these areas and share my knowledge with others through tools such as our intranet and the ERM Academy.