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Our People
Encouraging our employees to reach their full potential


Health and Safety
Ensuring that everyone involved in ERM's work arrives home healthy and safe every day


Business Conduct and Ethics
Placing the highest value on honest, transparent business conduct and ethics at ERM


Focusing on positive environmental impacts through our work with clients while managing our own footprint


Encouraging ERM employees to engage with the communities in which they live and work


Thought Leadership
Demonstrating ERM's thought leadership through our services and contributions to the global sustainability agenda


Our Clients
Working with our clients to achieve more sustainable outcomes while also addressing global challenges


People Profiles
Nat Vanitchyangkul

Nat Vanitchyangkul Bangkok, Thailand

Sustainability Advisory Committee Member

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Aditi Joshi

Aditi Joshi Singapore

A World of Possibilities

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Leila Schein

Leila Schein Buenos Aires, Argentina

A Thought on Sustainability

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David Snashall

David Snashall Sydney, Australia

Key Role in WBCSD

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Keturah Witter

Keturah Witter Bellingham, Washington

Global Benefits on a Local Scale

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Phil Churchill

Phil Churchill London, U.K.

Climbing to New Heights

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Tejaswini Raval

Tejaswini Raval Mumbai, India

Wondering 'What Next?'

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Valery Kucherov

Valery Kucherov Moscow, Russia

Cultivating Sustainable Business in Eurasia

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Mike Everett

Mike Everett Nairobi, Kenya

Creating a Presence in East Africa

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Catherine Lyons

Catherine Lyons Houston, Texas

Working Closely with Our Strategic Clients

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Paula Gonzalez

Paula Gonzalez Maputo, Mozambique

Crossing Continents to Expand ERM’s Reach

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Fernanda Michalischen

Fernanda Michalischen São Paulo, Brazil

Becoming a Leader

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Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton Bristol, U.K.

Leading the Discussion around Human Factors

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Bronwyn Purvis

Bronwyn Purvis London, U.K.

Advising Clients toward Sustainable Operations

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Charles Allison

Charles Allison Oxford, U.K.

Developing Approaches to Climate Resilience

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Clémence McNulty

Clémence McNulty Cape Town, South Africa

Supporting Renewable Startups

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Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke Johannesburg, South Africa

Sustainability and Climate Change in an African Context

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Tree Raine

Tree Raine Boston, Massachusetts

Teaching Students about Sustainable Development

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Alastair Gow-Smith

Alastair Gow-Smith London, U.K.

Assessing Impacts in Africa

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