Driving energy & emissions performance across complex facilities with emissions.AI

There is an ever increasing demand and expectation on carbon intensive industries to demonstrate their energy and emissions performance to meet Net Zero goals.

Most carbon intensive industries already have a strong focus on efficiency and safety metrics. However many are less equipped when it comes to energy performance, emissions management and the ever increasing burden of compliance.

There is a growing need to operationalise company energy and carbon strategies and deliver in areas such as:

  • Minimising energy consumption & cost

  • Demonstrating best achievable performance of facilities

  • Applying resource efficient emissions management

  • Delivering energy- and carbon-lean operations

  • Prioritising ‚Äčimprovement areas

  • Establishing a culture of carbon awareness

  • Ensuring productive delivery ‚Äčof compliance

  • Managing stakeholder needs, cost effectively


Central to delivering against these customer needs requires:

  • Contextualised, robust, and granular data analysis to inform decision making

  • Evaluation of performance across dynamic plant operations

  • Access to subject matter expertise

Finding efficient ways to achieve this (which are not resource, time or cost prohibitive) becomes a necessity. 
This is where technology can help.


Helping our customers to operationalise their energy and carbon strategies


Minimise energy consumption & cost

Demonstrate best achievable performance

Energy- & Carbon-Lean Operations

Productive delivery of compliance