At ERM we are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion within our company and we seek only to work with people and with other companies that support those values.

ERM’s commitment to the LGBT+ community is ongoing, however June is our month dedicated to observing Pride and highlighting our support for the LGBT+ community. During this month, we are continuing to explore our Global Inclusion Week 2020 theme of All In|clusive: Respect. Accept. Empower.

We know that achieving our aspiration for our inclusive culture will not be possible if we work in isolation. It requires the involvement of both members of the LGBT+ community and its allies, within ERM and working with our clients. Throughout the month, we will be sharing perspectives through local office-based or virtual sessions, and encouraging our LGBT+ employees to share their experiences on our internal channels.

Some of the other ways ERM is supporting our LGBT+ employees are through its Employee Resource Group for the LGBT+ community and its allies. The group creates connection and share resources and support on experiences within and out with the company. In recognition of the unique challenges LGBT+ travelers can face when traveling abroad, we have also given access to resources and training to assist with safe travel abroad through our travel safety provider.

Finally, all ERM employees have the option of including their pronouns in their email signature. This helps colleagues and those interacted with over email know how our employees identify.

Why is this important to us?
Although there have been many positive steps over the last few years across the globe, the LGBT+ community still faces obstacles and discrimination far too often. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, LGBT+ people have faced challenges relating to their gender identity or sexuality. ERM strives to be a safe space where our LGBT+ employees can receive support and equal opportunities.

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