ERM has completed the acquisition of The Fifth Business (“Fifth”), augmenting our ability to help our clients manage disruption and change.

Founded in 1993, Fifth is an integrated change management, communications, learning and design consultancy with a strong focus in the Oil & Gas sector, providing staff engagement, e-learning, inspiring design, productivity coaching and change management execution. It has 70+ staff in four offices in Europe and North America.

ERM’s services address the sustainability needs of its clients from ‘boots to boardroom’, ensuring success and impact on the ground, as well as in the most senior levels of their organizations. To better assure our clients in the effective delivery of our services, our key human success factors of adoption, engagement and advocacy need to be a strong feature of our offerings across the range of our services. The acquisition of Fifth builds our capability in this regard, adding a professional change management capacity to our work. It is the latest in a string of acquisitions in the areas of sustainability advisory and stakeholder engagement.

“Shaping a sustainable future with our clients will increasingly create disruptive change for them, their employees and their stakeholders,” explains Keryn James, ERM Group Chief Executive. “The Fifth Business is known for its ability to embed major change within large organizations, helping ensure the intended outcomes of projects. I see great potential to strengthen what ERM brings to clients with the addition of Fifth’s capabilities and take Fifth’s core offerings across new sectors and ERM services, with huge benefit for our clients.”

“Over 25 years, The Fifth Business has made its unique mark. Helping our customers deliver strategic change, engaging their employees and deploying highly creative media to make the case for upward progress and continuous improvement,” explains Enda Logan, CEO of Fifth. “ERM is a company with a vision of sustainability that customers want and the world needs. Their global platform offers us the chance to grow more rapidly and expand the envelope of opportunity - bigger projects, better careers and a brighter future for everyone.”

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