At ERM we know that creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is an essential part of making our company a great place to build a career.

We confirmed our commitment to this over 10 years ago in the first global company policy on diversity and have since taken steps through targets and initiatives to make sure we deliver on our commitments. ERM’s support to the LGBT+ community is ongoing, however June is our month dedicated to observing Pride and highlighting our support for the LGBT+ community.

We will be sharing perspectives from our employees and showing our support in various ways across the business. We do this through global office-based observance sessions where our teams can suggest the format of events, and sharing stories from LGBT+ employees about how important it is for them to have support from an inclusive employer and a safe working environment. We are also joining various Pride events that are being planned by other organizations around the world, inviting our teams to get involved and show their support for the local community.

Why is this important to us?

Even though it has been 47 years since the first Pride march, studies in the US and the UK have shown that three quarters of the LGBT community still feel they cannot show affection to their partner in public. Nearly one in 10 LGBT employees have left a job because they felt the environment was unwelcoming. To help change global attitudes about Pride and the LGBT+ community, it is important for large organizations to show their support and take action.

At ERM, we are proud to do just that and our global observance of Pride is grounded in our company values and everything we stand for. Our approach to building an inclusive culture across the business is very active and we care deeply about making sure ERM is an organization in which everyone can bring their full self to work in order to reach their full potential.