ERM has been supporting clients in Myanmar since 1996, establishing a permanent office in 2015 to ensure we provide our clients with world class environmental and social expertise based on strong local knowledge and experience.

ERM's staff are comprised of both national and expatriate consultants, and use knowledge of the local regulatory process as a means of promoting sustainable development, enhancing reputation, securing permits and achieving economic objectives in an environmentally and socially responsible manner within Myanmar. We have worked across and variety of sectors including; oil and gas, power, mining, construction, infrastructure and manufacturing.

We have a strong reputation with local authorities and are recognized for expertise in conducting Environmental Social Impact Assessments. We have been asked by international NGOs and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC), the regulatory authority in Myanmar, to support workshops to increase local consultants understanding of the EIA Process.

ERM is one of the only international companies that has been recognized and approved by the Environmental Conservation Department (ECD) of MONREC to conduct and submit Environmental Impact Assessments, Social Impact Assessments and Environmental Management Plans for regulatory approval under the Myanmar EIA Procedure (2015). Key staff within the Myanmar office are also registered as EIA Experts under ECD of MONREC to deliver and apply for Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECCs) on behalf of our clients.