On Wednesday, May 9th, Louise Peace - Global Mining Lead for ERM - will be the keynote speaker at the Women in Mining Toronto Branch Luncheon.

Titled, ‘Sustainable Mining – The New Business Imperative’ Louise will discuss the concept of sustainable mining and its influence on:

  • How miners want to be seen in today’s society
  • How Environmental, Health, Safety, and Social (EHSS) mandates are integrated into the business, operations and culture

Leading mining companies want to reframe past, negative views of the industry’s impacts, and form a new narrative to demonstrate their societal and economic value.

Louise will speak to how companies that lead with transparency, and work alongside their key stakeholders, are able to build consensus around ‘the mine we all want to see’.

About Women in Mining

WIM Toronto supports the overarching objective of attracting and retaining women to the mining industry. They seek to actively collaborate with other organizations and people that share their vision.