ERM is proud to once again support the International Association of Impact Assessment’s (IAIA) Annual Conference as an Island Sponsor.

Now in its 38th year, the annual IAIA Conference comes to Durban, South Africa in May. From the IAIA website: “Globally, societies are in transition due to environmental challenges such as climate change, shifts in political power as seen in Europe and the USA, and social changes such as mass migration. All these changes and challenges pose a threat to the sustainability of the physical and human environment, and growing inequality threatens both the social and natural environment. Although the aim of development is to create a more sustainable environment, the reality is often that only few people benefit while others are left to bear the brunt of the impacts and greater inequality. Environmental management should serve to translate environmental costs into wellbeing benefits for all of humankind and not just the privileged few.”


Our international leading experts will be present to share their unique and valuable insights gained from involvement in interesting impact assessment projects from across the world. ERM has been supporting our clients globally with their major capital projects for more than 40 years. Our goal is to enable our clients to secure financing, obtain host country approvals, achieve the social licence to operate, and to construct, operate, and retire their projects sustainably, on schedule, and on budget. We are excited to share our experiences and connect with you.

Hydropower Theme Forum
19 May 2018

ERM will be sponsoring the ‘Hydropower: Meeting the Sustainability Challenge’ Theme Forum. Designed and chaired by ERM Principal Partner David Blaha, the session presents a paradigm for achieving sustainable hydropower. Hydropower, despite being the leading renewable electricity generation source worldwide, is often seen as controversial by many stakeholders and high risk by many financial institutions. However, the sub-sector has made significant progress toward managing these risks and becoming more sustainable, and this success will be explored by the speakers involved in the Forum. The Forum will also include a presentation by Cate Brown of Southern Waters on the IFC’s new Good Practice Note on Environmental Flows for Hydropower, which she co-authored.

ERM will present a total of nine presentations during the conference, on topics ranging from human rights to migratory birds.

Informal Networking Event

At the end of the day on Thursday 17 May, ERM will host a relaxed evening of knowledge-sharing and networking. To start the evening, Peter Moore, Senior Environmental Advisor at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and David Blaha will discuss the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that lenders are considering when making financing decisions. The interactive discussion will be followed by networking over a dinner incorporating local flavours and producers. Please contact Merle Finch for more information.