ERM is hosting a series of webinars throughout the year in the US addressing different ways sustainability challenges are impacting business.

Disclosure Trends - A Look at Sustainability Reporting in 2018

Join ERM for a study of what worked and what didn't in sustainability reporting this year.

As this year's reporting season draws to a close, we'll be analyzing some of the high profile reports delivered in 2018 to see what was effective, what fell short and what trends are emerging for the future. This webinar will cover the latest approaches to public sustainability disclosure based on a review of the sustainability reports and websites of more than 80 leading companies.

Key topics include:

  • What's new and different in the CY2017 reports (issued in 2018)
  • Who’s taking the lead on report development
  • Best practices of how companies communicate their strategies, materiality assessments, goals and progress against them
  • The use of infographics and multimedia approaches

The webinar is targeted for sustainability leads and those responsible for corporate sustainability reporting. It will highlight for participants how peers, competitors and leader companies present themselves.

About the Sustainability Means Business series

Other topics in the series include

  • Supply Chains Engagement (November) - The links between transparency, traceability, tracking metrics and training the next generation of environmental evangelists. Technology has brought exciting and sometimes confusing new ways to communicate across an increasingly complex network of suppliers sourcing and selling all our goods and services.

Past webinars

  • Maximizing the Value of Assurance (July) - In a changing landscape, assuring what matters: from investor grade data to performance against long-term goals. Presented by ERM CVS.
  • Valuing Corporate Impacts on the Environment and Society (May)
  • Climate-related Financial Disclosures (March)