ERM will be hosting a seminar on "Management systems and sustainability reporting - Analogies, opposites and possible interaction" in the ERM offices in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, on 15th March 2018.

The objective is to address questions and to identify solutions, as well as to establish a network between the participants.

Topics for Discussion

In this seminar we will discuss the following topics with the participants and present recommendations and solutions.

  1. How does the new high-level structure of ISO standards support CSR reporting?

  2. What data is provided by an environmental/energy-/work safety management system and what data is required for the preparation of a sustainability report?

  3. Confrontation of the objective of a Management system and of sustainability reporting (what in addition to the fulfillment of the law do you want to achieve/ What could be achieved)

  4. Who are the interested parties in Management systems and sustainability reports?

  5. A materiality analysis according to GRI and the identification of essential aspects of Mgt systems.