ERM will be actively participating at the upcoming Chemical Watch Regulatory Summit and Biocide Asia 2018, November 19-22 in Singapore, with three confirmed speakers on the developments of Biocidal Products Regulation in Europe, Japan Regulatory update and Global Data Sharing.

The two events, Chemical Watch Biocide Asia and Chemical Watch Regulatory Summit, bring together a panel of over forty experts, ready to answer questions about biocides and the new chemical regulatory challenges facing industry today. The Biocide conference focuses on the regulation of Biocides in Asia and the rest of the world bringing together experts from Asia, Europe, USA to discuss global developments in the regulation of Biocides. The Summit tackles regulatory and compliance issues in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand together with India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA.

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ERM at the Conferences

ERM is pleased to play an active role at both the Chemical Watch Regulatory Summit Asia and Biocide Asia 2018, sharing our insights for addressing chemical regulations in the region. ERM will be speaking at the conferences and will engage with clients and other professionals throughout the event.

With the implementation of REACH-like regulations in Asia Pacific, comparison among chemical legislations and consequent data sharing activities to maximize the use of available data are gaining momentum. This applies also to Biocide Legislation all over the world. ERM and our global team are keen to renew the efforts in these fields.

ERM & Product Stewardship

We have all seen that the focus on product stewardship has intensified over recent years due to demand from consumers for greater supply chain transparency and safer, ‘greener’ products. Purchasers, consumers, regulators, and investors are increasingly focused on how and where products are sourced, developed, manufactured, distributed, used, and disposed, along with a product’s overall impacts at each life cycle stage. This focus on product stewardship has also been driven by the growing array of environmental, health, safety and, sustainability (EHSS) regulations.

ERM’s approach to product stewardship not only seeks ways to avoid product impoundment or recall, which can disrupt supply chains, increase costs and damage brand and reputation. It also aims to identify and mitigate these risks while looking beyond them to assess key product and brand differentiators that have the potential to drive innovation, and contribute to the bottom line.

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