ERM is co-sponsoring the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Sustainable Investment and Business Lecture Series, jointly initiated by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) China and the Phoenix Satellite TV Research Institute of Sustainable Enterprises for the Earth and Development.

The first lecture, How to Manage Environmental and Social Risks of Overseas Investment, is taking place on 3 September 2019 from 13:30-17:30 at the UNDP China in Beijing. 

With increasing demands of the host governments, communities, financial institutions and investors for project sustainability, whether mergers and acquisitions or greenfield investment, effective identification and management of related risks is the fundamental guarantee to maximize the interests of shareholders. In addition to the traditional legal, financial and other risks, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have risen up to one of the key factors affecting the success or failure of the project.

Therefore, through the discussion and sharing of guests, this lecture is looking forward to solving the following problems progressively in order to help Chinese enterprises achieve sustainable development overseas:

  • The main contents of the social and environmental risks faced by Chinese enterprises in overseas investment,
  • The significance of paying attention to them,
  • The way to identify and efficiently manage risks,
  • The risk-related stakeholders and the way in which they should interact.