ERM is sponsoring, exhibiting and presenting at the 2018 SPE International Conference and Exhibition on HSSE-SR.

For over 25 years, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International Conference on Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility (HSSE-SR) has been the industry’s premier upstream international event highlighting HSE best practices and challenges. This year’s conference will focus on continuing HSSE-SR excellence for a sustainable future with the imperative to maximise HSE programmes and help achieve the needs of shareholders and stakeholders alike in the era of the new energy mix.

The event will attract health, safety, security, environment, and social responsibility leaders and professionals working in the international oil and gas sector.

Deriving business value through sustainable operations

We are seeing that the impact of the mega-trends and the constant changes faced by firms mean many are wrestling to stay abreast and address the environmental, societal and regulatory pressure put upon them. Global geopolitical and market influences, the energy transition, the adoption of new technologies as well as keeping our people safe, are four very real influences on the oil and gas sector and in particular the HSE community.

Maintaining healthy operations, keeping everyone safe, while managing enterprise risks is the objective we all strive to achieve. To this end, we want to demonstrate how you can derive good business value through sustainable operations.

Through the thought leadership and broad expertise we'll have at the conference, we intend to demonstrate ERM’s understanding of - and work on - many of the issues in HSE. At the strategic end of the spectrum, we'll be challenging what actually is ‘good practice’ in managing risk. More technically, we will look at optimization in managing oil spills and a case study in developing a set of performance sustainability measures to aid operational efficiency.