ERM is a supporting sponsor of Bloomberg’s 2018 Sustainable Business Summit in Seattle.

The 2018 Sustainable Business Summit series is launching in Seattle, where notable leaders in business and finance will join Generation Investment Management Chairman Al Gore in discussing sustainability as good business - and a powerful investment. Amid an ever-changing landscape of tech innovation and corporate expansions, Bloomberg’s sustainability conversations in Seattle will include:

  • How ESG investing can generate impressive returns and positive change
  • How the evolution of transportation technologies will allow goods and people to move more sustainably
  • How gender lens investing is empowering women and girls across the globe
  • How industry can leverage disruptive technology to further climate goals

About the series

Now in its 4th year, the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summits bring together C-suite executives, influential investors, and innovative thought leaders from across the United States, Canada and Europe to address how companies are seizing sustainable business opportunities and enhancing business value. This year’s summits will address critical issues in sustainable business and finance, including:

  • Driving revenue growth and profitability through social and environmental goals
  • Defining and measuring the business value of sustainable practices
  • How investors are assessing sustainable investments
  • Developing replicable business models that incorporate investments in renewable energy

ERM's Role at the Summits

ERM plays a central role in helping companies and investors achieve their objectives while understanding how environmental, social, health, safety and risk issues might impact their business, and the context in which they operate. We continue to build our contribution to the global dialogue on sustainability through sharing insights from our experiences and providing practical, technology enabled solutions.

This insight will allow us to identify key topics of interest for clients that we can build into our planning for the New York and London summits taking place in October and November. Last year, our CEO Keryn James spoke at both the New York and London events, and this year both she and Chairman John Alexander will be involved.